SAP SE is preparing to wow developers and business users at its TechEd event this week


SAP SE is expected to announce a lengthy list of generative AI capabilities, with SAP Build Code headlining the presentation. The headliner is a version of the enterprise resource planning giant’s Build low-code development platform that combines AI-powered productivity assistance with Java and JavaScript-optimized development.

SAP Build Code uses the company’s AI copilot, Joule, launched in September, to generate code for test script creation, application logic, and data modeling. SAP said the product is made to improve cooperation between businesspeople using Build and professional developers.

It bridges SAP and third-party software data and systems. It uses approachable API (application program interface) management so developers can create processes and apps with business context in mind. The new development tools are also integrated with the ABAP Cloud development model for cloud-ready business apps and come equipped with lifecycle and governance management features.

The other major announcement

The second most highlighted announcement expected is support for vector database processing in HANA Cloud, a column-oriented in-memory database management system capable of advanced analytics and transactions.

A vector database is a specialized database used to store, manage, and query vector data. Vector data refers to a set of numerical values used to represent things like spatial coordination in GIS (geographic information systems), multidimensional data, or machine learning.

Vector databases make it possible to search based on vector similarity instead of exact matches. For example, SAP said users can search for supplies based on contract wording, with potential applications in natural language processing, recommendation systems, and image recognition.

There are dozens of announcements planned

SAP is also rolling out a new role-based certification for back-end developers via the ABAP Cloud development model. Leveraging associated learning material will help developers gain the skills to make cloud-ready extensions in keeping with SAP’s clean core practice of minimal customization and modification to the core ERP engine.

There are dozens of other announcements planned, including making SAP’s Cloud software development kit for Java open-source, enhancing SAP Discovery Center, a containerized runtime option for SAP Integration Suite, a cloud logging service, and generative AI features for developers looking to build AI extensions using the ABAP programming language.

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