Microsoft’s new Windows App can be accessed on PCs, iPads, Macs, and iPhones


Microsoft has rolled out a Windows App for macOS, iPadOS, iOS, Windows, and web browsers. The app replaces the previous Windows 365 app. It turns it into a unified hub for streaming a copy of Windows from a remote PC, Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft Dev Box, and Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services.

Microsoft supports multiple monitors through the Windows App, adjustable display resolution and scaling, and device redirection for peripheral devices (printers, drives, cameras, etc.) The preview variant of the app is not currently offered to Android users.

The Windows App has another limitation: it only works for business account holders, but signs indicate consumer accounts could get it too.

The Windows App on Windows

The sign-up prompt on the app, officially known as The Windows App on Windows, implies that you can access the app using a personal Microsoft account. The functionality still needs to be made available, but the fact that there are seemingly provisions for it means it could be in the works.

Microsoft has offered similar apps for connecting to PCs remotely for many years. One of the most well-known offerings is Windows’s Remote Desktop Connection app.

Calling the release a “Windows App” is confusing, but it might not be as confusing if Microsoft’s ambitions to move Windows fully to the cloud are already underway.

Microsoft intends to become fully cloud-based

Microsoft created a new Windows team tasked with the web after former Surface and Windows chief Panos Panay left the company to work for Amazon in September. The new “Windows and Web Experiences” team, as it is known, seems to be primarily focused on building AI-powered web services for Windows.

The company has released some web-powered features in Windows 11, with the main search interface dynamically updating from the web, a widget system, and Copilot integration. During the FTC v. Microsoft hearing, we learned that Microsoft wants to move Windows fully to the cloud on the consumer side, a product already available to businesses with Windows 365.

The Windows App might pave the way for consumers to access cloud PCs and Windows apps on devices that don’t run Microsoft’s operating system.

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