Google files a patent showing a buttonless Pixel Watch


The design of the Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 is almost identical. Google has avoided changing the design language for this year’s model, but a new patent may hint that the company is developing a differently-designed Pixel Watch 3.

Wearable first spotted the new iteration after Google filed a new smartwatch-related patent. It gets into the possibility of sensors inside the watch to detect gestures like presses, swipes, squeezes, and taps.

The patent was filed under “Gesture recognition on watch bezels using strain gauges.” The sensors would open up new ways of using the smartwatch and control specific apps.

Pixel Watch 3 would be the likely candidate to receive the design

It seems that Google is intent on simplifying the design and avoiding instances where the already limited screen size is obscured due to navigation. According to the patent, content on small screens is easily obscured when touching the device, making scrolling and selecting items hard because the user cannot see what they are scrolling or selecting.

It also mentions that the buttons, crows, and bezels make manufacturing and waterproofing a pain. The patent does acknowledge that rotating crows and dials present a more suitable option but contends that they have flaws.

The patent says that rotating scroll buttons are reasonably efficient. However, they require a relatively complicated mechanical structure with tiny parts, further requiring waterproofing.

We may or may not get a buttonless Pixel Watch

According to the patent, if a device were to have gesture recognition controls inside the housing, it could not only become a much cleaner design but also involve fewer moving pieces. That would allow the Pixel Watch 3 to eliminate buttons and other physical additions to the design.

While this may sound interesting, it is only just a patent. Companies sometimes submit patents for ideas to ensure that if they ever want to develop them, they can do so with ease. Sometimes, they never get around to making the ideas a reality.

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