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Gaming and its associated culture are a global phenomenon that has captivated over 3 billion people who fall into the category of ‘active gamers.’ The numbers are also reflected in the market cap, which puts the video game market in an entertainment category of its own. 

In our coverage of gaming and its culture, we look at everything from what’s new in the gaming world to the regulations behind consolidating gaming studios under one roof. It is a fascinating world that gives you a closer look at what gaming means to the players, the developers, studio owners, and other stakeholders. 

You can find news and reviews covering the latest developments and trends in the gaming industry, including new releases, updates, patches, events, rumors, controversies, awards, and so much more. 

We don’t just engage with the games as entertainment but also as hardware and software, covering specifics on the technologies, accessories, operating systems, engines, apps, mods, emulators, and more. 

On the cultural side, we explore the history, evolution, representation, diversity, ethics, and impact of gaming on society. Overall, you get all-around coverage that gives you a comprehensive look at what the industry is up to.