Elon Musk says misinformation posters on X ‘ineligible for revenue share’


The billionaire said on Sunday that X posts corrected by Community Notes, the platform’s crowd-sourced fact-checking system, will become ineligible for revenue share. The idea, as he put it, is to “maximize the incentive for accuracy over sensationalism.

He also noted that any attempts to “weaponize Community Notes” to demonetize elements some do not like will be “immediately obvious,” given that all code and data are open source. Anyone can sign up to contribute to Community Notes. Contributions typically involve proposing a short context note to any post by including a vital omission or correcting an error.

The users rate the usefulness of the notes suggested, and the ones that win the most consensus are the ones that surface at the top. Demonetizing users whose posts have been flagged is the latest in a series of moves by the embattled billionaire, who has had a tumultuous time at ‘formerly Twitter,’ to facilitate more accuracy on the platform.

Despite Community Notes updates to improve accuracy, X is struggling with misinformation

For instance, an update that allows fact-checks to gather ratings more quickly could let worthwhile and accurate notes go live faster, and a scaled-up feature that notifies people whose activity has been fact-checked so they can correct misinformation or disinformation to remove posts or edit them to provide more context.

The new announcement could mitigate the acceleration of sensationalist information from creators who have financial incentives to perpetuate or participate in the reaction economy.

The measure, along with recent updates, can also be viewed as nothing but stopgaps that may not be effective at reducing the amount of misinformation as the Israel-Hamas war, the Russia-Ukraine war, and other crises unfold across the globe.

A shortage of premium subscribers and a moderator community with unknown biases

X has yet to share the number of users participating in its creator economy, but that number would be limited by the number of X Premium subscribers on the platform. Data from Travis Brown, who tracks subscribers, suspensions, and reinstatements as of August, shows there were fewer than 950,000 X Premium subscribers.

The platform has over 500 million monthly active users, meaning premium users comprise less than 1% of the total user base. Since creators must be premium users, they likely make up an even smaller chunk.

Another concern regards the Community Notes users, whose bias is not known. The company says they are a diverse set but has yet to release the demographics of those who have signed up, of which there are now over 100,000 in 44 countries, according to CEO Linda Yaccarino in an October post.

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