Elon Musk is launching a generative AI based on ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’

Artificial Intelligence

Elon Musk has announced the launch of its generative AI chatbot from his artificial intelligence startup xAI, named Grok. Elon claims that the chatbot has a rebellious streak inspired by Douglas Adams’ “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.

The tech mogul, who currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Tesla and owner of X, formerly known as Twitter, warned last week that AI presents one of the “biggest threats to humanity,” but that has not stopped him from getting involved in their development.

The billionaire unveiled the chatbot using a series of tweets on Saturday, saying he would avail it to premium subscribers on the X social media platform. Musk further claims that Grok has a way with sarcasm in its responses.

How to make Cocaine, according to Grok

To demonstrate the rather playful nature of the chatbot, Musk posted a response to a question about the procedure for making cocaine. Grok broke it down into four steps, telling Musk to get a Chemistry degree before setting up a “clandestine laboratory in a remote location.”

In case that raises red flags for you, it may be a little comforting to know that the chatbot does tell users it is “just kidding” and that no one should try to make cocaine for apparent reasons. Musk said in his tweets that the chatbot is still in the early stages of development, and the plan is to make it available to Premium X users.

The startup that developed the chatbot detailed in a blog the inspiration behind its making. The team wrote that Grok is modeled after The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, so it is intended to answer just about any question and even “suggest what questions to ask.”

Reportedly not for those lacking in humor

In the blog post, xAI says that Grok is powered by a significant language model called Grok-1, claiming it is superior to OpenAI LP’s GPT-3.5 on many benchmarks, including middle-school math problems. They add that if you “hate humor,” you should not use it.

The blog says that Grok is only surpassed by models trained on a significantly greater amount of training data and computer resources, like GPT-4. A limited pool of beta testers in the US will get it first, with additional capabilities and features coming soon. Users are encouraged to sign up for the early access program to get access to it.

When Musk launched xAI in July, he said that pausing AI development was no longer realistic but promised that his systems would be built more responsibly. Musk was at Bletchley Park in the UK during an AI summit, saying he believed more advanced systems could still evade controls and make decisions that doom humanity.

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