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For many of us, devices are an ever-present presence in our lives. From the smartphones we use to connect to the laptops and tablets we use to complete tasks and even control smart devices, there is an endless sea of hardware.

On top of that, it always seems like someone is ready to one-up the last best thing. Discovering these products is not just a fun experience but can change our lives by helping us find devices that offer more convenience, productivity, health, and fun, among other benefits.

As much as there are devices you may not know about that could slot neatly into your routine and improve your quality of life, there are scammers and duds that seem impressive at first until you take a closer look.

Our coverage focuses on the best new devices, innovations on the way, what to avoid, and real-life examples of how devices augment our best technologies as humankind. So, if you want to learn about or discover the next best innovation, wearables, laptops, cameras, drones, and other unexpected treats, check out our devices category for up-to-date and nuanced information.