CATEGORY :: Collaboration

After the pandemic era, collaboration takes center stage as the best way for employees to work together efficiently and achieve the company’s goals. The digital age means employees don’t need to attend meetings to get work done physically.

What are the implications of that on the nature of work, salaries, worker protections, quality of work, technological innovation, etc.? In our coverage of collaboration, we look at the tools used, their impact on the industries and people involved, and where we are headed technology-wise.

The industry started by developing and adopting omnichannel platforms that integrate multiple communication methods, like chat, voice, video, social media, and more, for seamless interactions. Then, OpenAI’s ChatGPT dropped, followed quickly by Google’s Bard, among other variants with similar or comparable technologies.

With our collaboration coverage, you can keep up with the new developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, and augmented reality, which promise to be the new frontier in bringing a realistic, in-the-room feel to the current tools.