Artificial Intelligence

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You can’t talk about tech after ChatGPT’s rise to prominence without AI coming into the mix. It permeates everything, and in the near future, it will likely continue to be integrated into more areas of our lives. 

That makes AI one of the most important and revolutionary technologies ever developed. Some high up in the industry and those closest to cutting-edge technology have said it could be as monumental a discovery as fire, if not more. The prophets of doom envision a bleak dystopia if humanity is reckless. 

As such, it is crucial that you know not only what this technology is but how it changes how we view and interact with the world. Given the seemingly quantum leaps the technology has made so far, it is likely that anything you knew about it last year has changed. 

How do you keep up with this rapid pace? Our coverage, of course! AI will continue to evolve and change, making it necessary that you keep an eye on it.